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INTIMA Student Government

INTIMA is initiated to give voice to all IICKL students. Serving as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration, it is an important channel for communication. INTIMA puts students in the driving seat to assume the direction and management of student activities.



  • To promote and protect the welfare, rights, and privileges of students.
  • To provide a platform for students to be heard.
  • To provide communication links between the Management and students.
  • To encourage interaction among students of all programs, and to promote interest and student activities.
  • To support and coordinate the activities of all the Affiliates to ensure that there is no conflict of interest among Affiliates.
  • To ensure that every semester activity under INTIMA are carried out effectively by the appointed Affiliate or sub-committee.
  • To support the Management and staff in the development of the college.
  • To plan and execute the Orientation programs for freshmen and also assist College/SSO in other projects that benefit students and college.
  • To encourage diversity amongst the IICKL student community and to build networks, experiences and create opportunities for members to socialize and have fun.

Feel free to contact us for more information or queries:

Ms. Vanessa - Yong Marn Yi (President)

Mobile: 014 699 1130

Ms. Joanne - Teoh Yuet Xuan (Vice President)

Mobile: 016 337 1494

 Check out the Facebook page