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Personal Safety

A Students Guide to Being Streetwise


You’ve probably lost track of the number of times you’ve been told that the years you spend at college will be the best time of your life and Kuala Lumpur is an exhilarating city, ideal for experiencing exciting new things and making the most of your newly acquired independence.

Unfortunately, anyone can fall victim to street crime and we want to ensure that your experience is a safe and enjoyable one.

Here are some simple steps that we suggest you follow to keep yourself safe:



§  Have a safety plan, plan your day, look at your transport needs, ensure that someone will know when you are overdue for travelling home.

§  Keep alert for the unexpected.

§  Keep your mind on what is happening around you.

§  Don't take unnecessary chances.

§  Walk confidently.

§  Know where you are going.

§  Walk in groups of two or more after dark.

§  Stay in well-lit areas and keep to well-constructed paths.

§  Carry a personal alarm or be prepared to scream and shout if attacked.




If you do walk then consider the following:

 • Be streetwise.

• Walk with a friend or in a group of two or more.

• Don’t take short cuts, follow major pathways alongside roads.

• Avoid isolated areas or pathways where you can’t get assistance.

• If you think you are being followed, change direction and walk to a safe place where you can seek assistance.

• Carry a mobile telephone. If you are being followed call the Police on 112. Keep the line open until you get assistance or you get to a safe place. If you are attacked, don’t resist. Try to avoid being seriously injured.

• Get help.

• Without endangering yourself or attracting the offenders’ attention, take note of the appearance of your attackers and the direction they flee in.


When you are out Street Wise

• Tell someone about your movements - family, friends or someone you are living with.

• Always walk-on footpaths that are easily seen from the road.

• Stick to well-lit footpaths.

• Walk with a friend or in a group of two or more.

• Carry your bag close to your body, don’t let it dangle or swing from your shoulder.

• Always keep your bag or backpack zipped up.

• Don’t carry large sums of cash.

• Keep your cash on your person.

• Don’t mark keys or small items with your address or their purpose.

• Always walk with confidence. At the ATM

 • Be alert.

• Check to see who is around.

• If you think it looks unsafe, don’t stop but look for another ATM.

• Watch people around you while the machine processes your request.

• On completion of your transaction, put your cash out of sight as quickly as possible.



• Travel in a group.

• Arrive at the station close to the timetable departure.

• Stand near the ticketing counter or in a well-lit area.

• Stand back from the yellow edge line of the platform.




 • Sit in the back.

• Travel with friends when you can.

• Give clear directions. If the taxi leaves your route, terminate the trip.

• If you feel unsure, insist on being taken to a safe place and terminate the trip.


 Drinking out


• Buy your own drinks.

• Don’t taste others’ drinks.

• Don’t leave your drinks unattended or unsupervised.

• Finish your drink before dancing.

 • Don’t let strangers or persons you don’t trust look after your drinks.

• If you start to feel strange, tell someone immediately and leave with trusted friends.

• If your friend is seriously affected by alcohol or drugs, call for help.