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As the college does not have an allocated car park space, students who drive will be required to patronize the car park at Menara KH or the surrounding areas.


Here are a few things you can do to help your car being broken into or stolen: 

§  Lock your car.

§  Take valuables with you.

§  If you have to leave valuables, lock them in the boot or cover them up.

When coming back to your car:

§  Have your keys in your hand ready. Some people like to carry them between their fingers so they could be used to fight off an attack if required.

§  Before getting in, check the back seats to make sure that no one is hidden inside.

§  Carry your bag in a way that prevents bag snatchers from getting your bag, and that won't cause you injury if you are attacked.

§  If you're concerned, request a friend to walk with you.