Functions & Responsibilities


IO is specially designed to meet and cater to the special needs of all international students. The office is responsible for the general enquiries, admissions and student pass and visa related matter of all international students at INTI.

We at IO strives to do our very best to make your studies and stay in INTI, Malaysia a memorable one!

Functions and Responsibilities of International Office

1. Handle enquiries and provide programme counseling to International Students.
2. Handle applications and registrations for admissions of International Students.
3. Handle student pass and visa applications for International Students prior their arrival to INTI for studies.
4. Handle student pass and visa renewal of existing students prior to their student pass expiry date.
5. Provide airport pick-up service upon arrival of new International Students.
6. Provide accommodation service support prior to the arrival of new International Students.
7. Assist with enrollment support services including the English Placement Test (EPT).
8. Work closely with Students Affairs Office to organized Orientation Programme for new International Students.
9. Work closely with faculties to monitor International Students attendance and results.
10. Provide support services for medical insurance.
11. Other visa related matters.
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