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The EO oversees all examinations and the processing of your examination grades and organizes the Examinations Board meetings.

Vital information on your examination time-tables (final, make-up and re-sits), quarantine schedules, the last date to submit for review of grades, etc. are displayed on the Examinations notice boards. You are advised to read the notices and announcements on the Examinations Notice Boards.


Before the Examination:

  1. Thoroughly check through the examination time-table displayed on the notice board outside the  Exam Office and ascertain the examination date, time and venue.  A wrong reading of the time-table will not be accepted as a reason for being absent from an examination. STUDENTS ARE ADVISED TO BOOK THEIR FLIGHT TICKETS (IF APPLICABLE) ONLY AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE FINAL VERSION OF THE TIME-TABLE. The Examination Office will not be responsible to change the timetables should students fail to comply with this. 
  2. Students that have special needs are to inform their Schools or Centre if they have any disabilities which may affect the examination performance. If they wish to request alternative arrangements on the grounds of disability or long-term medical condition, they are required to do so before the Final Version of the exam timetables is released.
  3. Students must report clashes to the Examinations Office by fill up form EO-02 if the student has 3 subjects in one day or 2 subjects on the same day and time slot (at least one week before the FINAL VERSION of the timetables are released). The students are advised to check on when the FINAL VERSION of their program timetable will be released.
  4. If students have to sit for two subjects, which, are offered at the same time slot, they will be QUARANTINED.  The candidates must ensure that they receive the quarantine schedule from the Examination Office.  Non-compliance with the quarantine rules may cause the candidate to lose the chance to sit for the Examination paper(s).  The details are given under “Quarantine regulations during Final, Resit and make-up Examinations”.
  5. Candidates must ensure they have brought their student ID to be eligible to sit for their exams. In the event that they have forgotten, they must go to the Examination Office to get a permission slip to sit for the exam.
  6. Candidates cannot leave the Examinations Venue for the first half-hour.
  7. Only materials permitted by the Exams Centre will be allowed to be brought into the Examinations venue such as erasers, rulers, calculators (whether programmable or not) or any such articles stated in the “materials allowed or permitted” section of the question paper can be placed on the table. Handphones / any electronic devices that can transmit, receive or store data or messages will not be permitted into the Exams venue.
  8. Follow the instructions of the invigilator carefully in filling up the attendance slip and signing the declaration on the front page of the answer booklet.
  9. A candidate who arrives more than half an hour late will not be allowed to sit for the examination unless the management through the Examination Office grants permission.

During the Examination:

  1. Candidates are to remain silent during the entire duration of the examination.
  2. If a candidate has any queries or questions concerning the examination, he or she should raise the hands to get the attention of the invigilator and tell his or her problem.
  3. Candidates should not keep pieces of notes in their immediate vicinity while taking the examination. If found out, the student may have to face disciplinary action given under  “Academic Dishonesty Committed during the Final, Resit and Make-up Examination”.
  4. If a candidate needs to use the washroom, he or she should raise the hands and inform the Chief Invigilator. The candidate will then be designated to a washroom and MUST be accompanied by an invigilator.
  5. Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination venue during the last half hour of the examination.

At the End of the Examination:

  1. When the invigilator announces the end of the examination, candidates MUST stop writing immediately and continue to observe silence.
  2. Candidates should tie up/staple the answer scripts and wait for invigilators to collect the answer scripts. If there are filled-up OMR forms, these MUST be submitted together as well.
  3. No unused examination materials or papers used for rough work should be taken out from the examination room. If any student is found to break this rule, disciplinary action can be taken against them.
  4. Candidates should leave the Examination Venues in an orderly manner after being released by the invigilator.

Absence from Final Examination:

  1. A student who did not sit for a subject in the final examination may be given a resit/make-up examination provided the following conditions are fulfilled:
  2. The student has informed the Program Officer of his/her absence WITHIN 72 HOURS after the scheduled examination for that particular subject.
  3. For absence due to valid reasons such as serious illness or bereavement, etc. proper documents (medical certificate, etc), the original documentation MUST be given to Programme Officer /  Examination Office to be presented to Exam Board before any resit/make-up examination is granted.
  4. The student MUST fill-up the form and submit to the Program Officer with original supporting documents WITHIN 72 HOURS after the scheduled examination.
  5. The respective Head of Program must recommend the special resit examination to the Chairman of the Examinations Board for approval. The list of students eligible for special resit examinations will be displayed on the Program Office before the commencement of the Resit Examinations. Programme Officer will inform students the status after Examination Board endorsed and the timetable will be released 1 week before the special resit examination start.
  6. Any unexplained absence for a scheduled examination will cause 0% for that component.


Re-sit Examination:

  1. All dates of resit examinations will be displayed on the Examinations Office Notice Boards and send to INTI student email 1 week before the resit exam.
  2. Students who have transferred from other INTI campuses MUST settle any assessment fees in the previously enrolled campus. If possible, they must re-sit their exams there. If not they must get special permission to re-sit in the currently enrolled campus.
  3. The examination regulations and quarantine regulations (if there are such cases) are also applicable.
  4. Students are encouraged to come to the Examination Office for clarification if they have any queries.           


Special Resit / Make-up Examinations

  1. The special resit/make-up examinations will be held on day 1 week 2 new semester and timetable will be displayed on the Examinations, Notice Board and will be sent through INTI student email one week before the special resit/make-up examination.
  2. Students are encouraged to come to the Examinations Office for clarification if they have any queries.


Release of Semester Grade Report

  1. The Examinations Office is the sole authority for issuing and releasing of examination grades. For the continuous assessment marks, students will need to check with their respective lecturers before the final examinations.
  2. Examinations grades cannot be revealed through telephone inquiries before the Examination Board endorsed the results.
  3. The grade report for INTI homegrown programmes will send to INTI student email once the results have been endorsed by Examination Board. Students can print semester grade reports from INTI student email.
  4. The grade report for the University of Hertfordshire programmes, student required to collect at Academic Office, Level 1.
  5. A student with an outstanding fee will not receive their result until the outstanding fee is cleared.


Examination Fee for Re-sit (C-) Examination

  1. Note that a re-sit fee of RM100.00 per subject will be charged for all re-sit Examinations which is a student who gets C- in their result, students MUST re-sitting the following session.
  2. Student MUST get advice from Head of Programme regarding the re-sit examination and fill-up the form from Program Officer in charge.


Examination Fee for Repeat Examination

A student who obtained a “D” grade or “F” grade in examination MUST repeat that subject. Students may get advice from the Head of Programme. The fee will be charged by the Finance Office.



GPA/CGPA Calculation


Grade Distribution

Undergrad programme


Grade  Mark Range    Grade Point

A+        (90-100)          4.00

A          (80-89)            4.00

A-         (75-79)            3.67

B+        (70-74)            3.33

B          (65-69)            3.00

B-         (60-64)            2.67

C+        (50-59)            2.33

C          (50-54)            2.00

C-         (45-49)            1.50

D          (40-44)            1.00

F          (0-39)              0.00



Grade                          Mark range     Grade Point

Resit Pass (RP)            50-100             2.00

Resit Fail (RF)              0-49                 1.50


Postgraduate  (UH programmes)


P          : Pass

P(40)    : Passed, capped at 40

COMP  : Compensated

FREFE  : Fail, referred in examination

FREFC  : Fail, referred in coursework

FREFB  : Fail, referred in both coursework and examination

FREN    : Fail, re-enroll

FNFA    : Fail, no further attempts

X          : Absent (with reason)

I           : Incomplete


Review of Semester Final Grades

A student who wishes to have his/her final grades reviewed must file must fill up EO-12 form in the new semester before the day 5 week 2. RM50.00 per component will be imposed on students for review.


Verification of Previous Grades  

In the event that students need verification of previous grades, they must do so within the time period of ONE YEAR after the release of that grade concerned after which, the given grades will remain as they are.

Quarantine Regulations During Final, Resit And Make-Up Examinations

  1. Students with two (2) subjects in the same time and day slot or three (3) subjects in one day is required to sit for the examinations in the Quarantine Room (determined by the Exam Office). For the relevant information, the student may refer to the notice board before the final exam period. Students are required to check and to inform the Examination Office at least ONE week before the start of the final exams period if their names are not listed.
  2. Students must report to the Quarantine Room 15 minutes BEFORE THE START of the examinations. 
  3. Students cannot leave the Quarantine Room without the permission of the Invigilator and/or the Exams Officer.
  • Students are required to bring their lunch packs and have their food in the Quarantine  Room itself.
  • An invigilator must escort any student who would like to go to the washroom.3The invigilators will collect all question papers and materials.
       4. Any Students caught passing information to other students will be subjected to disciplinary action,                 including dismissal, if found guilty.
       5. The quarantine students MUST NOT leave the quarantine room even though they have finished                      their examination earlier than the scheduled time. Students who leave the quarantine room without             authorization MAY BE disqualified from their examinations.
       6. Revision or reading is allowed during the break time.


 Ms. Nadia Syazana (Post Graduate)

Telephone:  03-2052 2888 (ext 2912)

Email: nadiasyazana.khalid@newinti.edu.my 

Opening hours: 9am-6pm (Monday-Friday)

Ms. Siti Nor Aliza (Undergrads Programme)

Telephone:  03-2052 2888 (ext 2922)

Email: sitinoraliza.ali@newinti.edu.my 

Opening hours: 8am-5pm (Monday-Friday)

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