● A request for withdrawal (including programmes, course, and subject of study) must be made on the Student Withdrawal Form and submitted to the relevant Faculty/School. 

● Student Withdrawal Form is available from the relevant Faculty/School.

● Depending on the timing of the request for withdrawal, students may be entitled to the following:

a. Refund of full tuition fees including deposits if the request for withdrawal is made before commencement of the semester; and

b. Refund of deposits only if the request for withdrawal is made after the commencement of the semester.


a. Failure to attend class is not equivalent to withdrawal;

b. All refunds whether fees, deposits, charges or whatsoever payment shall be subject to the right to set-off by INTI against any fees or payments due and owing to INTI. Such adjustments indicated will be made as on the effective date, i.e. the date of receipt of the completed Student Withdrawal Form. The adjustments will be made regardless of whether the student has attended classes or sat for examinations;

c. All claims for refund will be made within one (1) month of INTI receiving the written request for a refund from the student; 

d. All payment of refunds shall be made payable to the name of the parent/guardian/sponsor (if applicable), as specified in the Application Form. Where a refund payment is issued to another person, institution or sponsor nominated by the student, INTI shall be deemed to have discharged any obligation in relation to the refund of fees to the student and accepts no responsibility if the student does not receive the benefit of such refund from a person, institution or sponsor nominated to receive the refund payment; and

e. A student who leaves INTI without a formal withdrawal is deemed to have withdrawn after a lapse of two (2) calendar years. The balance of money in his / her account will be transferred to the Registrar of Monies if it is not claimed within two (2) years from his / her last enrollment date at INTI. 

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