Programme Transfer

● A request for transfer (inter-campus, within the campus, between programmes) must be made by the fourth week of the semester and fulfill the following formalities before submitting for approval to the OAR Office:

a. Completion of Transfer Form (available from Faculty/School); 

b. Payment of a transfer fee of Ringgit Malaysia One Hundred (RM100).


 ● The following students will be liable to pay INTI the current/new tuition fees as applicable on the date of enrollment of the programme:

a. Students who transfer from one programme to another within the specific INTI institution;

b. Students who transfer to/from one INTI institution to another; and

c. Students progressing to a higher level of any program (e.g. from Diploma to Degree programme).


● This provision will not apply to students transferring from their original campus (i.e. initial place of study) to another INTI campus for their final year on grounds that the subject(s) is not available at the original campus. These students will be charged the original tuition fee which was applicable at the first intake of that academic year.  

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