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LEP 103 and 104 are 8 week, 160 hour blended learning classes with 80 hours in class and 80 hours online. 


LEP 103 uses Touchstone Book 3, LEP 104 uses Touchstone Book 4 and both classes share Academic Writing Skills Book 1.

The key features of the Touchstone books:

1.           Grammar presented in natural contexts

2.           Vocabulary-learning strategies

3.           Inductive learning tasks

4.           Useful facts about spoken language

5.           Useful facts about spoken language

6.           Personalized speaking and writing practice

7.           Communicative pronunciation activities

8.           Listening strategies

9.           Reading that leads to realistic writing tasks

10.       Clear learning aims

11.        Self-assessment tools

12.         Self-study Audio CD/CDE-ROM for Windows and Macintosh

The key features of Academic Writing Skills 1:

1.   Writing key sentences in the essay

2.   Organizing sentences in a paragraph

3.   Organizing paragraphs in an essay

4.   Using language to show relationships between ideas

5.   Using outside sources to support a point

6.   Paraphrasing, summarising, and quoting information from outside sources

7.   Improving the quality of an essay following pre-and post-writing steps


LEP 105 and 106 are 8 week, 160 hour blended learning classes with 80 hours in class and 80 hours online. 

LEP 105 uses Viewpoint Student’s Book 1 and LEP 106 uses Viewpoint Student’s Book 1.  Both levels also use Academic Writing Skills Student’s Book 2.

The key features of Viewpoint Student’s Book 1:

1.   Engaging, contemporary topics that provide a framework for successful and fluent                   personalization throughout

2.   Extensive corpus research ensures that relevant language items are presented and                 practiced in natural contexts

3.   A carefully-sequenced grammar syllabus, with clear explanations and productive practice of     more advanced structures

4.   A systematic vocabulary  syllabus of the words, collocations, and language chunks that             students are expected to master

5.   Conversation strategies

6.   A specially-designed writing syllabus

7.   Key listening and reading skills are integrated with speaking and writing

The key features of Viewpoint Student’s Book 2:

1.   Extensive corpus research ensures natural language is presented and practiced in authentic     contexts.

2.   Engaging writing tasks with explicit goals prepare learners to succeed in professional  and       academic writing

3.   Vocabulary-learning strategies encourage learner independence

4.   Tips to avoid common errors teach learners to use English accurately

The skills emphasized in Academic Writing Skills 2 include:

1.   Structuring the three essay types

2.   Enhancing introductions to attract and inform the reader

3.   Strengthening body paragraphs with structured supporting sentences

4.   Judging the quality of outside sources

5.   Citing Information from outside sources

6.   Improving the academic tone of the language

7.   Editing language, punctuation, and style



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